Rachmaninov Apartment Museum
«Here the door to the art world of St. Petersburg opens!»
Climb the stairs of the old St. Petersburg's house yet untouched by restoration, enjoy views of the historic city center during breakfast, plunge in your thoughts in the room where Sergey Rachmaninov lived, and finally, walk in slippers around the Gallery of Modern Art – that is a great script for your holiday in the cultural capital, isn't it?
After moving to St. Petersburg Sergey Rachmaninov became a student in the St. Petersburg Conservatory for the junior piano class by Vladimir Demyansk. (...) At the time Sergey was entrusted to his father's sister Mary Arkadyevna Trubnikov, and moved to her apartment on Kazanskaya Street. (...) Later, Sergey will come to St. Petersburg for a short time, but the only address where he lived in St. Petersburg, this house number 5 at Kazanskaya street.
L.I. Broytman
Historian, Archivist
The Rachmaninov Apartment Museum is located in St. Petersburg's famous art hotel "Rachmaninov", which has the composer's name for 13 years since the opening day. The founders and co-founders of this cult and famous place are a well-known journalist and photographer Oksana Kurenbina (creative alias Sana Petra) and an artist-architect Ivan Kurenbin.

The history of the art hotel "Rachmaninov" is full of mystery. One day in 2005, the hotel on Kazanskaya Street was offered to buy the neighboring large "communal" apartment. A positive decision was immediately taken, as the hotel with the concept of gallery had been working quite well.

During the resettlement of families in one of the communal rooms designers-builders met an elderly man who lived there all his life, his mother and grandmother settled here after the revolution. He told the builders that in the years of 1882-1885Trubnikov family lived in the apartment. Aunt Mary Trubnikov was sharing her room with a little boy, Sergey Rachmaninov.

Of course, such revelations of the communal tenant were extremely interesting for the owners of the hotel, who happened to be representatives of the creative city life. Devoting time to research the historical facts, they realized that they had received a gift of fate and began to carefully restore this historic flat, while researching papers devoted to the life of the composer.

Now Rachmaninoff room is both a museum space and bright and spacious apartments that can be rented for stay. Guests can also order a half-hour guided tour for groups and individuals. Every second Tuesday of the month at 18.00 founders have a free open house event for visitors. There is a magnificent view on the Kazan Cathedral from the balcony at Rachmaninov Apartment.

Unfortunately, nowadays only wooden floor and part of wallpaper on walls remind us about the Rachmaninov time. Recently, the museum-room was updated with unique bedroom suite, owned by the family of the composer's friend, the famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov.
The apartments are ideal for business (there is a separate cabinet room), as well as for a romantic or family holiday. The spacious bathroom features a large corner bath. The windows from the cabinet face a quiet green garden.

For your convenience:
WI-FI, breakfast, the piano in the living room of the hotel, the photo gallery "Rachmaninov Garden" and a possibility to organize a one-day "photo benefit" - showcase of creative photos on plasma panel for visitors and invited friends.
Feel the atmosphere of ancient

St. Petersburg!
Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of St. Petersburg reports that the object at Kazanskaya St., 5 registered on the list of identified sites of cultural heritage.

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